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Regain Stability in Your Daily Activities

Enhance Coordination

  • Improve coordination between your eyes, inner ear, and body movements.

  • Enhance your ability to perform daily tasks with precision and efficiency.

  • Restore smooth and fluid movements for a more natural sense of coordination.


Reduced Dizziness

  • Minimize feelings of dizziness, vertigo, and disorientation.

  • Enjoy a greater sense of control over your surroundings.

  • Experience fewer interruptions to your daily activities due to vestibular symptoms.


Improved Stability

  • Enhance your ability to stand and walk with confidence.

  • Reduce the risk of falls and related injuries.

  • Regain control over your body's balance mechanisms.



Gain Optimal Balance with Russell Health Collective

At Russell Health Collective, we specialize in personalized vestibular rehabilitation to restore balance, reduce dizziness, and enhance your quality of life.


With our multidisciplinary approach and commitment to excellence, we're your premier destination for comprehensive care. Choose us to reclaim your stability and thrive again.



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  • What makes Russell Health Collective’s approach to chiropractic care unique?
    Patients experience an enhanced and integrated approach at Russell Health Collective where your chiropractic treatment is combined with coached stability and mobility exercises at every appointment…all included in the price of your service.
  • I’m nervous about getting adjusted. Should I still book in for an initial consultation?
    An evidence-based and patient-centred chiropractor will be treating you, so you can rest assured that your preferences and health goals will be respected, listened to and adhered to.
  • I’m unsure if I should see a chiropractor or another healthcare practitioner. How can I be confident that I’m getting the care I need?
    Your chiropractor is educated and trained to assess, diagnose, and treat conditions related to your spine, nervous system and other joints in your body as part of their scope of practice. If you need to be referred out for additional testing or to another healthcare practitioner, this will be discussed with you.

Take the First Step Towards Balance and Stability

Ready to overcome vestibular issues? Schedule now and experience expert care. Don't let dizziness hold you back – take action for better health today. Contact us to book your appointment with Russell Health Collective.

Russell Health Collective Services

Experience a spectrum of personalized healthcare services at, where your well-being is our top priority. Our offerings are tailored to address your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive care and support for your health and vitality.

  • Chiropractic Care: Expert chiropractic care, including the specialized Webster Technique for pregnant individuals, to provide relief and improve spinal health.

  • Physiotherapy: Personalized physiotherapy treatments to enhance mobility, reduce pain, and promote recovery.

  • Massage Therapy: The soothing benefits of massage therapy to alleviate stress and tension.

  • Webster Technique: Specialized chiropractic care for expectant mothers, focusing on pelvic alignment and comfort during pregnancy. Learn more.

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation: Transformative effects of vestibular rehabilitation to improve balance and stability.

  • Pediatric Chiropractic Care: Specialized physical therapy services to support the development and well-being of children and babies.

  • Clinical Movement Coaching: Elevate your wellness journey with clinical movement coaching, aimed at optimizing performance and facilitating rapid recovery.

Whether you seek relief from discomfort, improved mobility, or enhanced overall well-being, our integrated approach ensures comprehensive care to support your health and vitality.

Your path to well-being starts here.

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